Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo is in Toronto, September 12-15

| Staff

Elevate Cannabis Industry Expo is the first cannabis conference brought to you by Canadian retailers, delivering four full days of immersive training and education, a trade show floor, and plenty of networking mixers to build and strengthen the community.

The event takes place September 12-15 at the Mirage Banquet Hotel in Toronto.

Acknowledging the challenges that retailers, budtenders, and licensed producers are currently navigating, “the intent of this event is to bring transparency and collaboration to the forefront of our industry,” says Jazz Samra, Owner and Founder of VIP Media Group and Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique.

“We are providing a safe space to be vulnerable, ask questions and gain insight into some best practices from successful members of our industry, while surrounded by like-minded people – this is an invaluable opportunity to connect, elevate and grow, together.”

Samra says he decided to launch his own industry conference after feeling like other events weren’t quite meeting the industry’s needs from his perspective as a retailer. 

“Some of the events I’ve attended have been so disappointing. They are totally disconnected from the needs of the industry. Conferences like this are the best way to bring the industry together and create opportunities. We need more education; we need more training. So I wanted to make a conference that is heavily focussed on education, with three days for education and training, and one day for the trade show.”

The conference’s theme is “We rise by lifting others,” and Samra says his mission is to empower retailers, budtenders, and LPs to elevate their businesses and thrive in the current and future climate. The event is designed to foster a collaborative environment, focusing on education, training, and inclusion to build a robust, cohesive, thriving industry here in Canada. 

“We called it Elevate because we want to elevate the industry and create our own ecosystem where we’re supporting each other and keeping our money within the industry,” Samra adds. We’re from this industry and contributing to this industry, and this is how we all succeed, by elevating others.”

With a variety of registration options to choose from, the Elevate Expo includes:

  • Day 1: Store Managers/Owners Training Day
  • Day 2: Budtender Training Day (hosted by CanMar)
  • Day 3: Licensed Producers & Brand Rep Training
  • Day 4: Industry Trade Show + Additional Social Networking

For more information and registration, please visit elevatecannabisexpo.com.