First Nation Cannabis in Canada

| Staff

The recreational cannabis scenery has witnessed some remarkable changes in the past few months after the federal legalization of cannabis. Three dispensaries sprung up this past year in Nipissing First Nation, Ontario. The most recent of the three is Northern Zen Cannabis. The dispensary, located off highway 17, invited social media influencers and other VIP’s to a pre-opening thank you program. 

Though there are other cannabis operators on the same road, this would improve the economic welfare of the locale. There is a sensory bar that allows you to smell each strain available in an air-tight container before making your purchase. Though not everyone from First Nation is supportive of the cannabis industry, the little support received has been immensely helpful.

The Fishing Lake First Nation recently opened its new cannabis store in Kylemore Saskatchewan. This dispensary would be open between the hours of 10:00am to 7:00pm, every day excluding Sundays. Chief Derek hopes this dispensary would reduce the use of illegal drugs and criminal activities on Fishing Lake First Nation. Immediately when you walk into the store, you can easily spot the menu beside the secure dispensary window. 

On July 3rd, a new cannabis dispensary is scheduled to open in Witset, British Columbia. According to CEO Trevor Morrison, this new dispensary is what the village needs to experience monumental changes. The majority of its shares are owned by the Witset First Nation. Another unit arrived on June 12 to keep the employees busy and working to get everything in top shape. The shop would be operating outside the federal regulatory framework. It will be open to the public on July 3. 

Indigenous Bloom is a cooperative that is in a long-term partnership with different First Nations for the production and supply of cannabis products and by-products on their territories. The company is led by CEO Trevor Morrison. Trevor has been a businessman and accountant for more than 21 years, and he has an impressive resume. The dispensary would comfortably provide jobs for ten individuals, and the cultivation facility needs up to 14 personnel. It also serves as an investment in the area. 

B.C. is another First Nation dispensary, and they are located on Fraser River, southwest of Williams Lake in British Columbia. They are currently exploring different potentials in the cannabis industry. A petition has been signed that allows the production of medicinal and economically beneficial cannabis products. Cannabis is now known as a pain remedy, and it also eases medical conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, ulcer, arthritis, and many other issues. The would-be facility is located in Williams Lake by the First Nation.  

In downtown Vernon, Tupas Joint had some of its products seized by the province, and that is the second time this would happen in a month. In the first seizure, products worth $10,000 were lost, the loss in the second seizure was yet to be estimated at the time of writing this article. Before First Nation entrepreneurs can operate here, they need to apply for the provincial license just like everyone else. The Federal Government is responsible for issuing such licenses. The Joint would remain open and operational. 

Former National Chief Del Riley is in support of cannabis dispensaries, and recently led a peaceful protest outside a police building in the First Nation Territory. He has been using his vast experience and expertise in the political world to steer the ship towards the right path. There are cannabis certificates that would keep you safe and secure. Though there are some legal cases against CBD dispensaries in Canada. Most of the cases in court are often won using Section 35 only. Some of the driving forces behind the Riley work are residential schools and rare government policies.

In related news, OPP has charged 10 people in relation to three different illegal cannabis stores. From the arrest, here are some of the items that were recovered: $27,000 cash, $238,000 worth of tobacco, $480,000 in cannabis-related products, and $9,000 on electronics. 

A shotgun, bulletproof vest, and other items were also discovered. Seven adults between 18-48 years have been charged by the police, and another youth has also been charged for possession of cannabis, and an attempt to sell the cannabis product. All parties have been released, and they are scheduled to appear in court at a later date to discuss the charges brought forward.