Global Cannabis Partnership launches Global Cannabis Trade Association

| Staff

A Canadian group is launching what they hope will be a global trade organization for the cannabis industry. 

The Global Cannabis Partnership (GCP) announced the launch of the Global Cannabis Trade Association (GCTA) on Thursday, March 9.

Established in 2018, the GCP bills itself as an “international initiative focused on the development of standardized management practices related to social responsibility.” 

As part of the GCP, the GCTA intends to focus on bringing together members under two membership types: one for individuals and one for businesses. Membership then provides access to event discounts, opportunities for speaker sessions, open RFP bids, international trade development support, and more. All members will also be able to highlight their international business developments.

The GCTA is being launched by several long-time veterans of the cannabis space.

Alex Revich, who has been active in the cannabis sector since 2013, is spearheading this initiative. He was present at the outset of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA) where he served as chair of various committees and held the position of Executive Director. Alex will serve as the Chairman of the Board for the GCTA.

Stephanie Bach had her start in the cannabis and hemp space in 2007 as a plant biotechnologist at the Alberta Research Council (now Innotech Alberta). She has an undergraduate degree in molecular biology, a graduate degree in plant breeding and genetics, and now runs her own regulatory and consulting firm. 

She has a strong background in agriculture & food, with 15 years of experience in the Ontario and Alberta industries. She has worked for several licence holders in cultivation, processing, and food production. Stephanie currently serves as the Executive Director of the GCP.

“As the Executive Director of the GCP, I am pleased that we are continuing our objective of unifying the global cannabis industry with the launch of a global trade association,” Bach tells StratCann. “We welcome individuals and organizations that participate in any level of cannabis business, whether it be your primary business stream or not. We will continue to roll out the GCTA and round out its foundation. We strive to be a focal point for industry participants to connect, share resources, and grow their business.”

Nathan Mison, also a founding member and President and Co-Founder of Diplomat Consulting, has years of experience in launching businesses and creating successful partnerships. In recent years, he was a founding member of Fire & Flower and launched the Independent Retail Cannabis Collective.

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