Health Canada has issued issued 287 cannabis licenses since legalization

| David Brown

Health Canada says they have received a total of 939 commercial cannabis licence applications* since October 17, 2018 (based on data as of December 31, 2020). Further broken down by licence type:

  • 447 were submitted for micro class licences (cultivation and/or processing);
  • 37 were submitted for nursery production;
  • 363 were submitted for standard licences (cultivation and/or processing); and
  • 92 were submitted for sale for medical purposes only.  

These figures are based on information provided to StratCann by Health Canada.

Of those 939 applications that Health Canada’s cannabis branch has received since October 17, 2018;

  • 287 (30%) have been licensed
  • 144 (15%) are under review
  • 216 (23%) are on hold awaiting the submission of evidence packages from the applicants
  • 25 (3%) are in queue to be reviewed
  • 158 (17%) have been withdrawn or closed
  • 79 (8%) have been refused
  • 30 (3%) are awaiting payment

Breakdown of applications received/issued by Health Canada since October 17, 2018, by Province/Territory

(* Note from Health Canada: 19 of the 939 applications were initially submitted under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations or Narcotic Control Regulations and were resubmitted in the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System following the coming into force of the Cannabis Regulations on or after October 17, 2018. This was part of a transition process for applications that had not been fully assessed when the new regulatory framework came into force.)