Kids discover 18 cannabis plants while on a hike in Saanich, BC

| Staff

Police in Saanich, BC reported that several cannabis plants were seized by officers on Aug 12, after being found by young people using the trails in the Panama Flats area of Saanich.

Police tweeted: TIP: You can possess up to 4 plants in public however leaving them in a public space unattended to grow is not permitted.

Local media is reporting that 18 plants in total were found, growing in pots.

British Columbians are authorized to grow up to four cannabis plants per property, although they are not allowed to be visible from a public space like a park, school, sidewalk, etc.

Last year, police in Revelstoke BC raided a couple’s home and stole their three plants from their garden after an off duty officer noticed them while on a public garden tour in the community.

“The Cannabis Control and Licensing Act was created to ensure the production, possession and distribution of cannabis would be done in a safe and controlled manner. Unfortunately, the violations of CCLA by some of our residents has brought some negative light to Revelstoke and the Garden and Art tour,” said Cpl. Mike Esson of the Revelstoke RCMP in a news release at the time.

No charges have been made public in the case.