Group challenging Manitoba home grow ban now joining Quebec Supreme Court appeal

| Staff

TobaGrown will join Quebec’s Supreme Court Appeal, while continuing their legal battle against the Manitoba Government’s ban on home-grown cannabis

Quebec’s Court of Appeal agreed with the Quebec Government’s ban on home-grown cannabis. This reversed the previous Superior Court ruling in 2019 which said the Quebec Government’s ban on home-grown cannabis was a violation of Federal Law.

The outcome of Quebec’s home-grown cannabis lawsuit will hold substantial weight in the similar case in Manitoba, where Jesse Lavoie started the “TobaGrown Movement” and filed a lawsuit against the Manitoba Government’s ban on home-grown cannabis back in August 2020.

Jesse Lavoie and the rest of his team are moving to both support the Quebec team in their preparation and to intervene in their case.

Intervening is the entry into a lawsuit by a third party who has a personal interest in the outcome of the case, often offering a different perspective on the issues before the court. 

“Maxime Guérin and his team have done a fantastic job building a formidable case that I believe will be victorious in the Supreme Court. Maxime will have our full support and access to our research as we apply to intervene in their case and argue alongside them in the Supreme Court of Canada.” said Jesse Lavoie

Statistics Canada estimates Canada’s current population is 38,131,104 people, with roughly 9,968,427 people living in Manitoba or Quebec combined. That means that 26% of Canadians are being denied their Federal Right to grow four cannabis plants for recreational purposes.

“It’s unfortunate that the Manitoba and Quebec Government’s have both taken this stance on home-grown cannabis, despite the overwhelming evidence that is stacked against their already debunked arguments and the positive data from other Provinces that have allowed home-grown cannabis since legalization.” said Jesse Lavoie.

The Manitoba case is poised to have its initial proceedings in the Queen’s Bench early 2022, while the Supreme Court hearing for Quebec will be roughly 18 months from now.