Nearly half of the new licences this year have been micros

| David Brown

October was a busy month for small-scale cannabis growers, with 12 of the 20 licenses issued being micro cultivators and/or micro processors.

Six of those 12 micros are located in British Columbia, three are in Quebec, with New Brunswick, Alberta, and Ontario each being home to one. 

In addition, another three of those 20 licences in October were cannabis nurseries, with one in British Columbia, one in Ontario, and one in Quebec. 

Of the 237 new licenses issued in 2021 so far:

  • 17 have been micros,
  • 83 have been micro cultivators,
  • 17 have been micro processors,
  • 7 have been dual micro processing and micro cultivation licences, and
  • another 11 were nurseries

In addition, two already-licensed micro cultivators received their micro processing licence and one micro cultivator/processor received their dried/fresh sales amendment. There are now 12 micros with some form of product sales amendment, allowing them to sell directly into provincial markets, pending provincial approvals. 

There are currently 264 micro licenses across Canada. Ontario and British Columbia are currently tied for the most, with 66 each, followed by Quebec with 40, Alberta with 28, Nova Scotia with 20, Saskatchewan with 19, New Brunswick with 9, Manitoba with 8, and  PEI and Newfoundland with 4 each.