New Brunswick cannabis producer Eco Canadian Organic teams up with Green House Seed Co

| Staff

Eco Canadian Organic Inc, a New Brunswick cannabis producer, has teamed up with Green House Seed Co to offer exclusive seeds through Canada’s medical cannabis program.

The winner of dozens of High Times Cannabis Cups, Green House Seeds Co (GHSC) is a well-known name in the world of cannabis genetics and has operated Cannabis and Coffee Shops in Barcelona, Spain and in Amsterdam, Netherlands, since 1985.

The company is also well-known for its Strain Hunters series and the VICE documentary movie Kings of Cannabis.

The collaboration with Eco Canadian Organic (ECO) is on brand for the New Brunswick cannabis producer, explains Kevin Clark, director of operations and QAP at ECO.

“ECO has separated itself from the competition by focusing on being corporately responsible by becoming Certified Clean Green Organic,” says Clark. “Our unique cultivation and vision dedicated to our ‘One Strain at a Time’ approach with emphasis on quality control produces premium organic non-irradiated cannabis for the Canadian market.”

Brent Hannay, the VP of ECO, agrees. 

“ECO’s philosophy on how we cultivate resonates with consumers, but also because we have found creative ways to collaborate with like-minded businesses to increase our product offerings.”

“With world-class breeders such as GHSC, ECO will be working with the best, in order to bring the best possible cannabis products for our customers in Canada.” 

Eco Canadian Organics Inc. notes it is one of a few Certified Clean Green Organic facilities in Canada, putting a high emphasis on sanitization practices and protocols. 

Located in Rexton, New Brunswick, ECO is privately owned and operated under a Health Canada standard license.  ECO is also one of three cannabis farmgate stores in New Brunswick.

Other Canadian cannabis companies have partnered with cannabis breeders and seed sellers from abroad, as well. Dutch Passion, an Amsterdam-based seed company, has seeds for sale in Canada, and BC-based Nymera partnered with California’s Humboldt Seeds in 2021.  

There are currently more than a dozen cannabis companies offering cannabis seeds for those authorized to grow medical cannabis, and nearly two dozen offering clones/starts.