Police in Hanover, Ontario seize 386 pot plants, 898 grams of dried cannabis after neighbourhood complaints

| Staff

Police in Hanover, Ontario, northwest of Toronto, say neighbourhood complaints lead them to discover a man growing cannabis outdoors beyond the limit of his personal medical licence allowed.

On Tuesday, July 28, Hanover police executed a warrant and searched two neighbouring properties, where they seized 386 pot plants, 898 grams of dried cannabis and a small amount of cocaine, according to the Owen Sound Times.

A 42-year-old Hanover man was charged and released pending an October 7 court date.

Hanover Police Chief Chris Knoll tweeted about the incident and concluded “Remember the magic number is FOUR cannabis plants to keep it legal people …. FOUR ….. 1,2,3 and 4.”

Police say the man was permitted to grow cannabis plants for his own medical purposes under a personal production licence, but had exceeded his allotted plant allowance. They also say he was growing plants that were licensed for indoor production in an outside setting, on property that was not his.

Under the federal Cannabis Act, individuals who are authorized to possess and grow their own cannabis for medical purposes have an authorized plant count allowance based on how many grams a day of dried cannabis their doctor authorized them to use.

This amount can differ depending if the patient is growing indoors, outdoors, or a combination thereof.

For example, a patient authorized to consume up to one gram a day, would be authorized to grow five indoor plants and store up to 225 grams, or grow two outdoor plants and would be authorized to store up to 750 grams of cannabis. Patients can also request to grow indoors and outdoors. In the example of a one gram a day allowance, the person could grow one plant outdoors and four indoors and posses up to 375 grams in storage.