Quebec micro processor looking to hand over business to new ownership

| David Brown

A micro processor in Quebec that is focussing on cannabis-infused topicals is looking for someone to take over their operations.

Denise Penczak launched Uniik Organica—located in St-Sauveur Quebec—in 2020, offering a line of CBD-infused skin cream and personal lubricants. Although Uniik has introduced a line of unique products and has had sales in a few provincial markets, Penczak says the challenges of running a small cannabis business means she’s ready to pass it on to someone who can help continue the vision. 

Although the company founder says there has been good demand for their products, the challenges of getting products into different provinces, including marketing, insurance, and even getting products approved by provincial buyers, have proven to be too much.

When Uniik lost their second bank account in two years due to being a cannabis business, and then Penczak was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2021, she says she was forced to evaluate and step back from the business. 

She’s hoping to find someone who can, if not outright buy the business, help take the business over, taking on their facility rent and operations while leaning on Penczak’s experience both as a licence holder and her years of experience with various topical formulations. 

“It really comes down to finances,” she explains. “We’ve had products approved in a few provinces, but the processor we had been working with had their own timelines and priorities, and it’s meant we’ve gone about three years now with no real revenue.”

She knows people want to buy these kinds of products, but after getting licensed and then trying to navigate the first few years, her own energy and inspiration has run its course. The ideal candidate, she says, is someone who can help continue to get their products over the finish line and onto provincial shelves.

“We’re running out of money and I’m feeling a little exhausted now. When I got the bank letter, I felt like I had done everything I possibly could and I feel like this now needs a fresh pair of eyes or something new to keep it going.”

In addition to the licence, the facility, and the equipment, Penczak says she can still offer considerable value to anyone looking to take things over. 

“I know all of the regulatory stuff, I know how to communicate with Health Canada—doing the reports or how to expand the licence—I know the processes for formulating the products, and how to work with labs. We have the inputs, the ingredients. It’s a turn-key situation for the right person.”