The BC government is launching a paid Cannabis Sales Data program

| Staff

The provincial regulator in British Columbia sent an email to stakeholders today promoting a new sales data program. The yearly data plan will soon be available by paid subscription to stakeholders, building upon their previous no-cost vendor-specific data program, which provides a vendor their product information.

The new program, which will be a pay-to-access program will provide subscribers access to data on all cannabis (non-accessory) products and include: Wholesale Product, Sales product-level wholesale shipment data for all cannabis products, Wholesale product information data, a product attribute extract that provides cannabis product information at a point in time, Wholesale customer ranking report, a ranking of retail stores by name and location based on LDB wholesale sales, BCCS Retail Product Sales SKU-level retail sales for BCCS e-Commerce and BCCS brick and mortar channels combined.

SKU level sales by retail location and total dollar value of sales are not provided. 

All data subscriptions will be for one calendar year, though there are three different options for file frequency: An Annual Subscription, Quarterly Data Frequency for $5,000, and Annual Subscription, Monthly Data Frequency for $15,000, and an Annual Subscription, Weekly Data Frequency for $30,000, plus applicable taxes.

Data will be uploaded Weekly (Sunday-Saturday), Monthly (Calendar month), and Quarterly (Calendar quarters). Data will be available for download for 30 days before being deleted from the FTP folder.

More information can be found here.