Toronto police arrest six, seize 231kg of cannabis worth an estimated $2.3 million

| Staff

Toronto police announced this morning an operation on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 that resulted in the arrest of six and the dismantling of what is described as “marihuana distribution operation inside the industrial unit”.

Members of 42 Division, the largest of Toronto’s 17 Divisions of police services, say they were responding to complaints made by members of the community that a cannabis operation was present in the Markham Road and McNicoll Avenue area.

A search warrant was obtained and an industrial unit was searched by police.

Police allege that after executing the search warrant, they located evidence of a cannabis distribution operation inside the industrial unit, officers seized 510 lbs (231.332 kg) of marihuana with an estimated street value of $2,300,000, and six arrests were made, all charged with Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Distributing, Cannabis Act, Section 9(2).

$2.3 million divided by 231,332 grams would be about $9.94/gram. Police often place an estimated “street value” on cannabis from around $5-10/gram.

Six people were arrested:

1. Kiu Chen, 33, of Milton
2. Wei Gao, 33, of Markham
3. Hang Jiang, 27, of Scarborough
4. Shuai Li, 33, of Whitby
5. Hao Liu, 32, of Scarborough
6. Yun Ni, 33, of Scarborough