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Launched in 2020, CertiCraft is a seed-to-sale solution for licensed cannabis producers who want to streamline operations and save dozens-to-hundreds of hours every month on reporting, audits, and record keeping. 

Founded by a team of long-time cannabis lovers that brings a blend of experience and expertise, CertiCraft’s CEO, Sami Majadla, says what sets the company apart is its simplicity. 

“Our in-house talent has allowed us to create the simplest compliance solution that saves Canadian growers & processors as much time and headache as possible,” says Majadla.

The company began as an idea in 2018, taking several years to build out into the founders’ vision of creating a reliable solution for compliance with a simple, functional interface, explains Majadla. 

“Neither of those things existed when we started our business, and to date, CertiCraft is the only solution that checks off those two boxes,” he adds. “Our journey began with a mission to help craft cannabis producers transition into and thrive within the regulated market, which is still our north star today.”

The company currently provides services for over a hundred licensed producers, including micro cultivators and larger producers. The team brings years of experience in design, regulatory compliance, and software development, coupled with policy advocacy work, such as working with the BC LDB to drop the requirement for recall insurance and, of course, a love of cannabis. 

“On the surface level, our in-house talent has allowed us to create the simplest compliance solution that saves Canadian growers & processors as much time and headache as possible,” continues Majadla. “However, it goes deeper than that with CertiCraft. We are at the forefront of policy advocacy work and have been fighting for our clients for years. Our team’s work has directly led to significant changes for our industry, and we support our clients in manners that you rarely see from a software company.”

“We are also the only service that allows our customers to generate all the paperwork they need to complete a Health Canada or CRA audit or inspection in just one minute; plus, we have exceptional customer support where our customers get what they need within a business day.”

Majadla says the amount of paperwork required for license holders in the cannabis space can be overwhelming. And while the company has built solutions for their clients to navigate this sea of paperwork, he says they would prefer to see some of these requirements lowered for producers. 

“CertiCraft stays ahead by maintaining open channels with regulators and swiftly implementing updates to our platform when there are changes. Additionally, our significant policy advocacy work also allows us to proactively change cannabis policies in ways that hugely help the industry.”

Despite challenging regulations and a highly competitive market, CertiCraft still focuses on its roots in the cannabis culture. 

“Above all else, we love the people working in the craft cannabis space. Many of our team members have rich histories in the world of cannabis, and we care deeply about seeing everybody who has transitioned into the legal market succeed in a market where the odds are stacked against them. We regularly get feedback from our customers telling us how much of a difference we make for them, and the heartwarming messages that we receive keep us going. 

“We expect that within 2-3 years, we’ll arrive at a market that is no longer over-taxed and where there are reliable distribution channels for small-scale producers. We expect this will lead to a second wave of operators transitioning from traditional/legacy markets into regulated ones.”

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