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Cropsify is a cannabis business platform and record keeping system designed for the Canadian cannabis industry, providing services for cultivation, processing, quality assurance, distribution, and more.

The origins of Cropsify go back to 2008 when the company’s CEO and founder, Dallas Devam, began growing medical cannabis for a family member with post-polio syndrome and wanted a way to better monitor plant health, nutrients and yields. 

Then, Devam submitted an application under the MMPR when the regulations at the time came about, for a licence to produce medical cannabis commercially, and had his software accepted as a valid method for compliant record keeping. 

The newest version has been in use commercially for over four years now, and took three years to design and build. Rebranded today as Cropsify (short for Cannabis Regulatory Operations Protocol Software), the company has grown to one of the more established seed-to-sale compliance tracking systems for cannabis licence holders. 

Offering what Devam says is the first known platform that currently calculates cannabis taxes, tracks tax stamps, and automates the monthly report for CTLS, Cropsify currently provides services for numerous licence holders. a month for micro cannabis licence holders, which provides clients with access to Cropsify’s years of experience in the industry. 

“Our pricing is very competitive,” says Dallas. “Our knowledge in the cannabis business is deep and vast; we often consult in many areas of operations at no additional charge so that our clients succeed and share in the success. We offer, from my perspective, a simple yet comprehensive solution for the industry with unique  functionality that excites grow teams, quality assurance, and finance teams alike.”

“Cropsify is incredibly complete and comprehensive, and customer service is second to none! We would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Robert Jackman, RP/QAP, Just Kush Enterprises Ltd

Built “from scratch” over the course of nearly seven years, he says, using the only programming language with a single standard (Java Spring) to meet FDA 21 CFR 11 risk-based development and validations, means that the product is field tested and proven. Their growth has been slow and steady, allowing the Victoria, BC-based company to evolve with the changing industry in a manageable fashion. 

Photo Credit: Stefan Aymelak

“Slowly, over time we took on clients and evolved with the industry,” explains Devam. “We took the time with each client and helped them by adapting our workflows to match theirs., to become custom tailored to the client’s existing processes. We don’t tell them how to do what they are good at, it’s what sets us apart; as development continues;  provide a swiss army like tool for LPs which empowers them to expand into any vertical at any pace.”

Devam noted that one of the biggest challenges he sees clients often struggling with is fully understanding how to balance the numerous regulatory and record keeping requirements  with business requirements for licence holders, be they micro or standard. Record keeping is not always a priority for small business owners who may be more focussed on things like cultivation. By utilizing a system like Cropsify, it helps ensure consistent,quick  daily record keeping that can ensure compliance and help provide more efficient responses to regulatory concerns during inspections, and monthly reporting to the CTLS etc. 

“Sitka Weed Works Inc chose Cropsify after looking at all the other competitors, because we felt it eliminated the need to subscribe to multiple systems to get our product ready and delivered to multiple markets.  Another strong driver was the price and monthly fee, we felt we got more bang for the buck with Cropsify”.

Ian R J Laing, CEO, Sitka Weed Works Inc.

“Clients expect an easy solution and often don’t know what they don’t know, until they really read through the regulations or when they complete with their first inspection and are required to review their own processes,” says Devam. “So if you take the time to address these issues from the beginning, it can help them make sure their systems are in place and effective as their business evolves and as they interact more with the regulator.” 

“The trick is the timeline,” he continues. “All the dates and timestamps on data transactions have to be in the right order, and our system really babysits the personnel,so that it’s all put in place properly;that’s the hard part, between the user and the keyboard. How Cropsify does data entry and validations is really just guiding staff through to help them input the right information, dates, and times. People often don’t like paperwork or to think about which data is important and why; so we help ensure data capture is complete and in order so reports are on time and accurate; and audits go quickly for continued compliance.”

“Cropsify helps VW manage inventory and sales easily. Dallas is your partner in technology. He continually supports cultivators on their journey as they grow. The new ticketing system allows you to get quick help and the training and SOP’s mean it’s a great option for Cultivators small and large.”

Erik Johnson, President, Verte West Industries Ltd.


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