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With roots going back to the pre-legalization online dispensary scene, the team at Herbal Dispatch is now bringing their legacy savvy to the legal market with a suite of services designed to bring craft cannabis to their medical patients and industry customers alike. 

“We recognized the need for a better way to connect people with the products they wanted, and we wanted to provide a secure and reliable way for them to access those products quickly.” Says Herbal Dispatch’s Chester Sam. “That’s why we created a marketplace platform that allows medical patients and industry partners access to high-quality craft cannabis from top producers across Canada.” 

With our BC Direct Delivery service, we are helping dispensaries differentiate themselves by providing exclusive BC craft cannabis products to their customers

Chester Sam

Their expertise spans three main services: providing a carefully curated selection of medical cannabis products from various producers to patients through their medical sales platform; providing this same selection to licensed retailers in BC through the province’s direct delivery program; and providing contract manufacturing services for craft producers. 

“With medical, we provide a robust marketplace of over 600 quality craft cannabis products,” says Sam. “Our customer-centric approach ensures that our members have access to the best quality cannabis available in Canada through an easy, secure, and reliable online ordering system.

“Our BC Direct Delivery service allows us to deliver exclusive craft cannabis products directly to dispensary partners throughout British Columbia, ensuring safe and efficient distribution. We offer a selection of premium cannabis products from top producers and craft cultivators, with a focus on quality, consistency and affordability.”

Finally, their new contract manufacturing services “are designed to help producers and brands scale-up their operations quickly and affordably.” They provide everything from NNCP filings, packaging and labelling services, shipping and distribution, flower trimming, secure storage solutions, and more.

With years of experience curating high-quality cannabis through its online platform, Herbal Dispatch is uniquely positioned to help industry partners distinguish their brands from the competition with access to the best products the legal market has to offer. 

“With our BC Direct Delivery service, we are helping dispensaries differentiate themselves by providing exclusive BC craft cannabis products to their customers,” says Sam. “The need for this service has been growing steadily as dispensaries are looking for new ways to stand out in a competitive market.”

Their producer-oriented contract services also aim to streamline and simplify what can be a complex and resource-intensive process for smaller companies. As Sam puts it: “We also recognize that many cannabis businesses lack the resources needed to properly comply with all relevant regulations while also trying to scale up their operations. At Herbal Dispatch, we are striving to fill those gaps by providing reliable and affordable solutions for contract manufacturing services. Our team is dedicated to helping producers and brands grow quickly and securely so that they can focus on what matters most: their business.”

And finally, on the medical side, their platform allows patients registered with Herbal Dispatch to access over 600 medical cannabis products from more than 50 vendors. Their mandate is to offer an ever-changing variety of unique craft cannabis products to keep curious connoisseurs engaged and well-medicated. 

On the flip side, Herbal Dispatch offers a unique service to BC craft producers, allowing them to access dispensaries across BC and medical patients across Canada. “This provides an added level of convenience, as these producers can now access a much larger market with ease,” says Sam. “We are constantly innovating, and releasing new products and services on a regular basis to ensure that our members are getting the best cannabis experience possible.”

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