February 6, 2023

Kieran Delamont

Kieran Delamont is a writer and photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has written on the cannabis industry for The Walrus, This Magazine, The Outline, Leafly and others.

The Week in Weed – Feb 4, 2023 

| Kieran Delamont |
What’s been happening in the cannabis world this week? On Stratcann we had: articles looking at a pair of new research papers exploring policy responses…

Can regulators reign in THC inflation without driving consumers to the illicit market?

A pair of papers in the most recent issue of the journal Addiction consider the question of elevated THC levels, and what—if any—policy responses might…

The Week in Weed – January 28, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
A round-up of industry news and stories from the past week, including the future of consumption lounges, what’s happening with extracts, and a whole lot…

Is there a future for cannabis consumption lounges?

| Kieran Delamont |
After much consultation and a lot of waiting, BC released its What We Heard consultation report on the possibility of cannabis consumption lounges, with somewhat…

The Week in Weed – January 21, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
It was a relatively quiet week in cannabis this week, and here at Stratcann we covered changes at the CRA that will make intra-provincial B2B…

The Week in Weed – January 14, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
The cannabis industry was busy with a holy trinity of news cycles: delayed reports (in the form of the B.C. consumption spaces consultation), layoffs (at…

The Week in Weed – January 7, 2023

| Kieran Delamont |
The new year is here, resolutions are being made (and maybe broken, already) and the cannabis industry is starting to wake up from its own…

The year in provincial pot politics

| Kieran Delamont | ,
Federal cannabis politics and regulations are often what makes for good headlines, but it’s at the provincial level where the real meat of the Canadian…

The Week in Weed – December 17, 2022

| Kieran Delamont |
We’re approaching the end of the season, and things are buzzing right along in the cannabis world. December is traditionally a good month for pot…

The Week in Weed – December 10, 2022

| Kieran Delamont |
Along with Saskatchewan’s establishment of a First Nations cannabis framework, sales growth in edibles in BC, and the pros and cons of irradiation, Stratcann readers…

The pros and cons of cannabis irradiation

| Kieran Delamont | , ,
One of the often misunderstood aspects of legal cannabis production is the quality assurance measures many licensed producers take post-harvest to ensure that their product…

The Week in Weed – December 3, 2022

| Kieran Delamont |
This week on Stratcann, we covered the big goings-on of Canadian cannabis—the much-awaited opening of farmgate applications in BC, the move by Manitoba regulators to…

The Week in Weed – November 26, 2022

| Kieran Delamont |
While the big ticket item to get people talking in Canadian cannabis is likely the announcement of the legislative review panel members, that’s far from…

Constitutional challenge brews following Indigenous dispensary raids in Nova Scotia

A Mi’kmaw band councillor from Millbrook First Nation in Nova Scotia, is mounting a constitutional defence arguing that his right to sell cannabis on First…
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