Toronto police raid Just Compassion Dispensary in North York

| Staff

The Toronto Police Service has made several arrests after a Cannabis Act search warrant was executed at an unlicensed dispensary.

Shortly after 4:20 PM on Friday, April 30, a search warrant was executed by 31 Division’s Major Crime Unit at the Just Compassion Dispensary, after working with the City’s Municipal Licensing & Standards team.

Police say they seized 558.82 grams of hashish, 7180.36 grams (15.83 lbs) of “loose marihuana”, 126.38 grams of psilocybin, 22.04 grams of CBD powder, 394 “pre-rolled marihuana cigarette”s, 71,433 grams of “marijuana derived products” (edibles) with packaging (157.48 lbs) and $2,382 in Canadian currency.

Four people were arrested and all are scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at 9 a.m., room 114. 

Just Compassion Dispensary’s website describes the company as a “Private Medical Cannabis Club” that has operated since 2016. One of those arrested, Justin Loizos, the owner of the company, was featured in an article in the Canadian Press, Vice, and the CBC in 2018. He told CBC at the time “I’m trying not to screw myself in the sense of trying to go as legal as possible.”

The Toronto Police services earlier this year requested $1.5 million from the province to deal with the enforcement of the legal cannabis regime, including the costs associated with closing unlicensed retailers.