Wait, Don’t Forget the Weight

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Wait, Don’t Forget the Weight

The processes that make up cannabis extraction and refinement are generally well understood. However, how critical value ingredients are affected by processing and refinement is all too often overlooked, leading to time-consuming and costly mistakes.

This webinar with Aaron Godin, Co-Founder & Director of Applied Science at AGMS Solutions Inc., introduces the concept of conservation of mass as it applies to mass balance, which will be used to discuss simple top-down and bottom-up forecasting and ROI modelling.

Participants learn skills to optimize operations resulting in reduced process time, increased process efficiency and repeatability. Covering:

  • Brief overview of cannabis and its constituents
  • Brief overview of processing; from field to isolate
  • Mass Balance; the conservation of mass * Mass balance from field to isolate
  • Top-down modelling (using basic arithmetic) w/examples
  • Bottom-up modelling (using basic arithmetic) w/examples
  • Factors affecting Mass balance, w/examples