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From Field to Shelf: a conversation with outdoor micro cultivators

StratCann welcomed Jeff Gontovnick of Weathered Islands and Jacob Saffer-Spiro of Willow Weed, live event on December 16, 2021

Weathered Islands and Willow Weed are two of the first outdoor micro-producers to have products on shelves in Canada. StratCann had a chance to engage in a lively conversation with Jeff Gontovnick (Weathered Islands) and Jacob Saffer-Spiro (Willow Weed) as they share their experience of moving from field to shelf.

Recorded Session:

From Field To Shelf: a conversation with outdoor micro cultivators

Thank you to the Speakers:

Jeff Gontovnick Jeff Gontovnick is one of three founding partners of the Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis, a genetics-first nursery and micro cultivator, focused on modernizing the cultivation heritage of Texada Island.
Jacob Saffer-Spiro is the founder of Willow Weed, an outdoor micro-cultivator focused on small-scale organic farming and high-quality craft cannabis.

Regulatory Update with the BC Government


Regulatory Update with the BC Government

StratCann welcomes members of the BC Cannabis Secretariat, LCRB, and LDB, to discuss current policies and upcoming policy changes such as farmgate, direct sales, on-site events and consumption, and more.

This event includes approximately 30 minutes of presentations from the provincial representatives, followed by a Q&A session with participants.

Thank you to the presenters:

  • Thomas Rodger
  • Sarah Cunningham
  • Leanne Davies
  • Brenda Lennox
  • Fabian Contreras

Wait, Don’t Forget the Weight


Wait, Don’t Forget the Weight

The processes that make up cannabis extraction and refinement are generally well understood. However, how critical value ingredients are affected by processing and refinement is all too often overlooked, leading to time-consuming and costly mistakes.

This webinar with Aaron Godin, Co-Founder & Director of Applied Science at AGMS Solutions Inc., introduces the concept of conservation of mass as it applies to mass balance, which will be used to discuss simple top-down and bottom-up forecasting and ROI modelling.

Participants learn skills to optimize operations resulting in reduced process time, increased process efficiency and repeatability. Covering:

  • Brief overview of cannabis and its constituents
  • Brief overview of processing; from field to isolate
  • Mass Balance; the conservation of mass * Mass balance from field to isolate
  • Top-down modelling (using basic arithmetic) w/examples
  • Bottom-up modelling (using basic arithmetic) w/examples
  • Factors affecting Mass balance, w/examples

Towards a Consensus Map for Cannabis Strain Names: Genomics for Authenticity, Certification and Oversight of the Cannabis Population

THURSDAY, MAY 6 | 1:00pm (PDT) / 4:00pm (EDT)
Virtual Event (via Zoom)


Towards a Consensus Map for Cannabis Strain Names:
Genomics for Authenticity, Certification and Oversight of the Cannabis Population

Join in this online discussion featuring Tim Harvey (Lighthouse Genomics) and Philippe Henry (Egret Bioscience) as they talk about Genomics for Authenticity, Certification and Oversight of the Cannabis Population related to Cannabis strains.

The discussion will be followed by a live Q&A for participants to engage in the conversation and get their genomics questions answered.


Timothy Harvey | CEO and Director, Lighthouse Genomics

Based on Salt Spring Island, BC, Tim has a background in Cannabis R&D, business leadership in private and public companies, public relations, intellectual property strategy and journalism. He founded Lighthouse Genomics to address the dual need for integrity in Cannabis supply chains and more widespread access to advanced genomics technologies. 

Philippe Henry | Founder, Egret Bioscience

Dr. Philippe Henry holds a doctoral degree in evolutionary genetics from the University of British Columbia, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland) and has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Widely published and a speaker on Cannabis science, Philippe was one of the first scientists to make discoveries of linkages between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and Cannabis traits using the Lighthouse SNP array. Based in West Kelowna, Philippe is the founder of Egret Bioscience. Philippe is the visionary behind Egret’s transition to the psychedelic space, leveraging his expertise in cultivation, propagation, traceability and testing of controlled substances. 

From left to right: Timothy Harvey, Lighthouse Genomics; McKinley Hlady, CanTec Global; Dr. Steven Newmaster, NHP Research Alliance; Dr. Philippe Henry, Egret Bioscience. 

Exploring Environmental Impacts of Cannabis Production


Exploring Environmental Impacts of Cannabis Production

This session features Tom Ulanowski and Dave Fox as they explore the potential environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation and processing, as well as what the food and beverage industries are doing to address similar environmental issues.

Cannabis production, especially indoor production, is known to have a high carbon footprint, with extensive energy needs required for lighting, ventilation, cooling, and dehumidification. As legalization increases the amount of large-scale, intensive cannabis production facilities across Canada and around the world, understanding the environmental impact of the cannabis industry will be increasingly important to consumers, producers, and regulators, alike.


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