From Field to Shelf: a conversation with outdoor micro cultivators

StratCann welcomed Jeff Gontovnick of Weathered Islands and Jacob Saffer-Spiro of Willow Weed, live event on December 16, 2021

Weathered Islands and Willow Weed are two of the first outdoor micro-producers to have products on shelves in Canada. StratCann had a chance to engage in a lively conversation with Jeff Gontovnick (Weathered Islands) and Jacob Saffer-Spiro (Willow Weed) as they share their experience of moving from field to shelf.

Recorded Session:

From Field To Shelf: a conversation with outdoor micro cultivators

Thank you to the Speakers:

Jeff Gontovnick Jeff Gontovnick is one of three founding partners of the Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis, a genetics-first nursery and micro cultivator, focused on modernizing the cultivation heritage of Texada Island.
Jacob Saffer-Spiro is the founder of Willow Weed, an outdoor micro-cultivator focused on small-scale organic farming and high-quality craft cannabis.

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