Abba Medix Corp. recalls one lot of Sage N Sour dried cannabis

| Staff

Health Canada announced a product recall today from of dried cannabis Abba Medix, a medical cannabis producer based in Ontario.

The recall is for one lot of Sage N Sour dried cannabis that did not include cannabinoid values for THC and Total THC on the label. The correct values are 0.97% for THC and 20.16% for Total THC.

Health Canada says that neither they, nor Abba Medix have received any complaints related to the recalled lot or received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product. Seventy two units of product were sold.

The recalled product was sold from September 14 to September 18, 2020.

Abba Medix’s website says Sage N Sour is a 75% “Sativa cultivar” blend of Sour Diesel with a Sage Hybrid.  It is listed in five and ten gram containers for $62.50 for five grams or $125.00 for ten grams.

Abba Medix was first licensed for production in 2017.