Canadian cannabis nursery to import unique New Zealand genetics

| David Brown

Canadian cannabis producer Apollo Green expects to soon carry genetics supplied by a New Zealand medical cannabis company, Rua Bioscience.

The unique cultivar, from the region of Tairawhiti, will be available through Apollo Green at a future date.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Biortica Agrimed, Apollo Green specializes in unique genetics and provides access to plant breeder’s rights protection with DNA fingerprinting of all genetics. The arrangement with Apollo Green also opens Rua Bioscience’s genetics to existing sales channels in Europe, North America, and Australasia.

Apollo Green, located about 20 minutes east of Ottawa, is licensed as a cultivator and processor but bills itself as a cannabis nursery with a focus on unique genetics.

Oisín Tierney, Director of Business Development at Apollo Green, says the company, which primarily serves as a B2B nursery for commercial cultivators, is focussing on bringing in genetics from breeders around the world.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Rua,” Tierney tells StratCann. “They are one of many breeders to work with at the moment. Ultimately, at Apollo Green we’re on a mission to offer cultivators curated phenotypes from reputable breeders from all over the world.”

“We’re always cultivating partnerships with breeders. We never stop pheno-hunting, and our ultimate goal is to be a one-stop shop for unique genetics for the commercial market.”

“What we’re looking at is genetics with landrace traits that are different to what you might find, typically, in North America.” 

Oisín Tierney, Apollo Green

Tierney says part of their goal is to help refresh or reinvigorate cannabis genetics, especially in North America, which become so focused only on high THC cultivars. Although it has imported genetics before, this will be the first time the company has brought in live clones from outside the country.

“We’re Looking for genetic variability,” he explains. “The traits of (cannabis) genetics are being condensed. And variety is being reduced as the industry continues to breed, especially in commercial production. So what we’re looking at is genetics with landrace traits that are different to what you might find, typically, in North America. 

For their part, Rua Bioscience is equally excited by the partnership and the ability to bring their unique landrace cultivar to other growers around the world through Apollo Green. 

“We are excited about this partnership with Apollo Green and Biortica Agrimed, as it aligns perfectly with our vision to take our unique strains to the world,” said Paul Naske, CEO of Rua Bioscience. “This is more than just an agreement; it’s a bridge connecting New Zealand’s exceptional cannabis genetics to the world.”

“We welcome Rua to the Apollo Green and the Biortica Agrimed family,” said Tom Varga, CEO of Biortica Agrimed.

Licensed to cultivate since 2016, Rua Bioscience is a Māori community-owned company that launched its first prescription medicine in April 2022.

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