OCS launches Social Impact Fund, encourages organizations to apply

| Staff

The Ontario Cannabis Store has launched its Social Impact Fund to provide funding for organizations working to promote social responsibility in connection with cannabis.

The fund will go to assist with community projects and research, and encourages incorporated not-for-profits, registered charitable organizations and research teams affiliated with academic or research institutions to apply. 

Funding can range from $25,000 to $100,000 for projects that are eight to 12 months in length, and organizations have until May 25 to apply.

The OCS will respond to successful applications by August 2023, and projects will need to begin no later than October 16, 2023.

The Crown agency has set aside up to half a million dollars for the first year of the project, with a goal of providing it for initiatives that are aligned with the three key pillars of OCS’s social responsibility strategy for 2021–2024: establishing a foundation for environmental sustainability, supporting a diverse and inclusive cannabis industry in Ontario and advancing cannabis knowledge and responsible consumption.

“The Social Impact Fund is part of our commitment to champion a socially responsible cannabis industry by investing in education, research and initiatives,” said OCS President and CEO, David Lobo. “The launch of the Social Impact Fund is an opportunity to support and amplify the work that many community organizations and researchers are leading related to cannabis, and we’re looking forward to enabling more of that work across Ontario.”

The Fund is a part of the OCS’ multi-year Social Responsibility Strategy, which seeks to help advance its mandate of championing a socially responsible industry, promoting the responsible consumption of cannabis, and protecting youth and vulnerable populations.

Details on the application requirements and process can be found at ocs.ca/socialimpactfund.

The OCS says this fund is rooted in their commitment to promoting responsible cannabis consumption while still adhering to their mandate of protecting youth and vulnerable populations, with a focus on funding projects and research that create shared social value and mobilize knowledge for people, communities and the Ontario cannabis sector.