OCS looking into new craft cannabis category in 2021

| David Brown

The Ontario Cannabis Store plans to unveil a new Craft cannabis designation for “small batch” and “handcrafted” cannabis products in 2021.

To be considered Craft under the proposed designation, producers will be required to have an annual production capacity of no more than 10,000kg, while “Small batch” is proposed to require cannabis to be hang-dried, hand trimmed, and hand packaged. 

The 10,000kg limit is based on projected output, while small batch will be determined by reviewing the grower’s SOPs. For reference, a micro cultivator has an output potential of around 600kg, annually, within their approved 200m2 of cultivation space. This number can of course change significantly, depending on many factors such as growing styles.

The OCS expects this new category to be unveiled in Q1 of 2021. The announcement of this designation was made at the OCS Trade Day on Dec. 3.

Craft designated products will be added to retailer product call lists and a permanent Craft section on the OCS’ online store. 

The Ontario online retailer and distributor’s presentation says the intent behind these two new proposed designations is to help support smaller producers, while also creating a category for consumers who are interested in a more high quality product. 

The OCS hopes to bring a new Outdoor category in 2021, as well.

Featured Image via Dunn Cannabis