Ontario, Alberta launch new cannabis education programs

| Staff

Alberta’s cannabis regulator and the OCS have both launched new campaigns to encourage responsible cannabis use. 


Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) recently launched the Find Your Moderation program as part of their ongoing CannabisSense campaign, with two videos intended to highlight that cannabis can affect consumers differently. 

In a post titled “Same cannabis product, different user experiences,” the two videos briefly show a group of individuals after they consume either edible cannabis or cannabis beverages, with each person displaying different effects such as laughter, sleepiness, ‘munchies’, and anxiety. 

“The scenario emphasizes the importance of finding your own moderation and invites Albertans to consider how personal factors like age or how much they have eaten interact with factors related to cannabis use, products, and potency,” notes an AGLC press release. 

The new campaign comes as the market for edibles and cannabis beverages continues to increase following their legalization in 2019. Although still a much smaller market share than dried flower or extracts, edibles and beverage sales have been steadily increasing as producers offer a growing array of options. 

“The Find Your Moderation campaign is sparking a conversation with Albertans about the differing effects of cannabis for different people,” says Kandice Machado, CEO of the AGLC. “As part of that conversation, we’re also providing a resource for how adults can use cannabis in a lower-risk way, which is an important part of AGLC’s commitment to social responsibility and consumer education.” 

The AGLC’s CannabisSense launched in January 2022 with the goal of providing Albertans with information and resources related to non-medical cannabis.


Ontario’s OCS also recently launched their own cannabis education program, Cannabis Made Clear. The campaign will direct users to the OCS’ Cannabis Made Clear website, which hosts “expert-reviewed articles about responsible consumption, legal usage, potential health effects, cannabis and youth, as well as access insightful resources to advance their cannabis knowledge.”

The OCS says the goal is to create an unbiased, evidence-based education model for cannabis consumers. 

“As an enabler of the legal cannabis marketplace in Ontario, the OCS is prioritizing educating consumers on socially responsible consumption,” said David Lobo, President and Chief Executive Officer at OCS. “Cannabis Made Clear demonstrates our commitment to supporting consumers and the industry by advancing cannabis knowledge across the province. This education hub exists to serve as a trustworthy source of unbiased information.”

Cannabis Made Clear is expected to be updated over time as new research emerges.