Recall of CBD capsules due to missing tamper-evident seal

| Staff

A voluntary product recall for CBDA capsules sold in Ontario was issued earlier this month, due to a missing tax stamp.

The products—sold from Abide Inc, a cultivator and processor based in Ontario—were CBDA capsules sold under the WholeHemp brand. The recall was limited to one lot, #K1221FCA01, packaged on Oct 12, 2021.  

The packages contained 15 of the CBDA capsules. CBDA is the acid (raw) form of CBD as it occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. The capsules contain ground hemp flower, with 25mg total CBD each, and minimal levels of THC. WholeHemp also lists a CBD flower and CBD cream in Ontario.

The voluntary recall was because the products were sold without an excise stamp that was intended to be used as a tamper-evident seal. Although the product didn’t require an excise stamp because the THC level was below the required limit (according to federal regulations low-THC products are not required to carry an excise stamp), the stamp was also intended to act as a tamper proof security feature, which is still required.

Many producers use the excise stamp for this additional tamper-evident seal, although for a low-THC product that requires no excise stamp, other similar labels or features can be used.

There were no quality concerns related to this product recall. Missing or inaccurate packaging or labelling information are one of the more common reasons for recalls of cannabis products in Canada

Any consumers or retailers who have any specific questions about the recall, the OCS asks you to reach out to ABIDE INC. at +1 (647)-478-7240 or email: [email protected]