AGLC announces several rule changes for cannabis producers, retailers

| David Brown

Alberta has recently made several changes to its cannabis rules and regulations, including enabling self-attestation for age-gating for retailers, providing producers with more information about where their products are selling, and allowing cannabis stores to use specific terms in their signage. 

In two bulletins posted on October 13, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) informed retailers that the section of the Retail Cannabis Store Handbook (RCSH) that prevented the use of terms and images such as “chronic,” “stoned” or “high” has now been removed. 

The section had previously read: “Signage may not promote intoxication. Terms and images such as, but not limited to, ‘chronic,’ ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ are not permitted.”

AGLC also advised cannabis retailers in Alberta that they can now allow for self-attestation as a sufficient age-gating procedure for their websites and social media content.

Previously, Alberta had one of the strictest age-gating rules of any province in Canada, with retailers unable to show product information on their websites unless users had verified their age with an ID, either in-person or through an online form. Most provinces simply require a self-attestation, such as entering a date of birth or answering yes or no to a simple age prompt. 

Both changes are effective immediately. 

Earlier this month, AGLC also shared with producers that it would begin sending them reports detailing sales of their products on a regional basis. AGLC will also share an “Alberta Regional Report” detailing all AGLC sales to retailers of general product categories for the month on a regional basis. 

While producers will only receive the regional reports on their own products, the Alberta Regional Report will be available to all cannabis producers who sell in to Alberta. The report will be anonymized and will apply to any product supplied by at least four cannabis producers. 

British Columbia recently announced a similar program, although it goes even further, providing producers with sales information down to the specific store. 

AGLC also recently announced they had reduced the SKU listing fee for cannabis producers. Previously $1,500, the reduced fee to list a new SKU to sell into the Alberta market is now $250.

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