Oh no! “Kool-Aid man” style car crash into cannabis store in Ontario

| Sarah Clark

A cannabis store in Ontario is temporarily closed today after a car crashed through the front of their store.

RC Bud Shop in downtown Harrow had a vehicle ram through the front of their store around 11:15 am on April 4.

Store manager Jenn Kane described the crash as “Kool-Aid man style” to the CBC, who were first to report on the story. A photographer on the app still known as Twitter, Tony Smyth, captured images and video of the crash shortly after it occurred. A video shows the vehicle almost completely inside the store, nearly taking out the front counter. 

CBC is also reporting that while there were people inside the store at the time, there were apparently no injuries. Harrow is located in the southwestern tip of Ontario, about 45 minutes from Detroit. 

There were no signs of impairment, no criminal charges are pending, and no injuries were reported, according to OPP. 

A similar event occurred on January 4 when a drunk driver crashed into a cannabis store in Cardinal, ON, about an hour’s drive south of Ottawa. The 67-year-old driver received a three-day licence suspension after a roadside breath test found him to have a quantity of alcohol in his system.

Featured image via X

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